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    Global energy demand

    ... increases and relies heavily on fossile fuel supplies.

    Carbon dioxide emissions

    ... are thus rising, most probably with some impact on our earth's climate.

    Fossil fuel supplies

    ... are anyhow finite, so that fuel prices will likely rise to critical levels at some point.

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    Renewable energy sources

    ... could supply huge amounts of energy in eco-friendly ways.

    Harvesting renewable energy

    ... on a large scale is a formidable scientific and technological challenge.

    Storing renewable energy

    ... is an equally daunting task - just think about the infrastructure for fueling vehicles.

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    Personal mobility

    .. accounts for roughly one third of the overall energy bill of industrialized countries


    ... is therefore mandatory to make our societies more eco-friendly.

    Safer & cheaper & greener

    ... energy storage devices are needed for e-mobility applications.

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    Advanced secondary batteries

    ... are very likely to play an important role for powering e-vehicles.

    Current Lithium-ion technology

    ... relies on eco-unfriendly transition metals and safety-critical organic solvents.

    Computational materials design

    ... could help us a great deal, but the possibilities are virtually infinite.

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    ... invites volunteers from all over the world to find better battery materials.

    Safer & greener batteries

    ... with stable organic solvents and organic electrode materials are our primary goal.

    Your contribution

    ... could be decisive for the future of mobility and the global energy problem.



First, inofficial test units out.

This is just to check that everything works as it should.

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