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    Medical care

    ... has improved dramatically over the last decades - will it continue to do so?

    Healthcare costs

    ... are exploding also because huge ressources have to be spent for finding new drugs.

    Innovation rates

    ... are droping in this sector, despite the increased effort.

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    Drug Development

    ... is an extremely complicated enterprise due to the many factors which play a role.

    Costly experiments

    ... are unavoidable in this process, also because predictions are not good enough.

    Computational methods

    ... are mostly used to identify the most promising compounds for further experiments.

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    Computational drug design

    ... usually involves the 'virtual screening' of a very large number of candidate compounds.

    Virtual screening

    ... requires a very accurate description of the basic physical interactions.

    Quantum mechanics

    ... is important for these interactions, but can usually not be taken into account.

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    ... performs quantum mechanical computations on medically relevant biomolecular systems.

    Developing methods

    ... for quantum-mechanics-based virtual screening approaches is our main goal.

    Your contribution

    ... could be decisive for the future of drug development.

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    The benefits

    ... from 'putting more physics into the screening process' are numerous. Two very important ones are:

    Cheaper drugs

    ... through cheaper drug development processes.

    Rare or complex diseases

    ... can be more easily addressed when development costs are low.



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